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Understanding the Economics of Loan Originating is the key to a successful business plan!


Most mortgage originators create their business plan backwards. How?


  1. They start with how many referral partners they currently have and how many they think they can get.
  2. Then they calculate how many referrals they believe they can hope for per partner.
  3. Lastly, they calculate their projected income.


That's backwards!


You have to start with identifying your Income Goal FIRST! Then break down the economics of the individual loan. Working backwards actually creates your business plan for you.


Download our FREE Business Planning Tool and understand the economics of your 2018 Business Plan.


Each niche will have its own economics. You cannot establish concrete numbers when you lump all of your referral partners into one calculation.


Download our Business Planning Tool and see your income goals and activities from a numbers perspective. Automatically emailed to you.


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