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Marketing to Divorce Attorneys

Understand the strategies of marketing to divorce attorneys to grow your network beyond the 'regular' real estate niche.


In "Marketing to Divorce Attorneys," Jody Bruns takes readers through the process of networking and creating a new referral source with divorce attorneys. With this strategic guide you will be able to understand how to win the marketing game with key players in the divorce niche. Take one step further in your career and start marketing to divorce attorneys.


Marketing to Divorce Attorneys is a strategic guide for mortgage and real estate professionals looking to expand their businesses working with divorcing clients who need to sell the marital home, purchase a new home or refinance the marital home per the divorce settlement. Marketing to Divorce Attorneys is a different approach than the traditional marketing of real estate professionals and mortgage lenders.


Marketing to Divorce attorneys requires an educated approach with an understanding of how divorce and family law, IRS tax rules, mortgage financing and real estates all interest as they relate to real estate in a divorce situation. The strategic guide was written by Jody Bruns, President and Founder of the Divorce Lending & Real Estate Association. Jody has spent the vast majority of her career in mortgage banking working with divorcing clients and divorce attorneys. She was instrumental in developing the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) and Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional (CDREP) certification programs.


This book provides detailed chapters including:

  • Understanding the Divorce Niche
  • Become the Divorce Mortgage Expert
  • The Marketing Game and How to Win
  • Building Your Network of Divorce Professionals
  • Thing Big and Out of the Box


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A House Divided: The Clash between Divorce, Real Estate and Mortgage Financing


There are no second chances in divorce – especially when real estate is involved. Avoid making major mistakes that can have long lasting harm after the divorce is final.


A House Divided teaches you:


• How to protect yourself when selling real estate during divorce.

• How to qualify for a new mortgage during divorce.

• How to avoid capital gains tax on the future sale of the marital home.

• How to hold title when holding on to the marital home.

• How to structure who gets the mortgage interest deduction on the marital home and the tax
  consequences involved.

• How to refinance the marital home and avoid higher interest rates.

• How to maintain your credit history during and after divorce.

• And so much more!


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