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The Cost of not being at Capacity for Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals

Jody Bruns - Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Are you at your Maximum Capacity for closed transactions every month?

Maximum Capacity: The number of closed loans or real estate sales you personally have the ability to close in a given period.

If you have the ability to close 20 transactions each month but are only closing 15 – you are NOT at maximum capacity. You have a “Capacity Gap” of 5 closings.

What is the significance of identifying your Capacity Gap? If you have a Capacity Gap of 5 loans every month and your average commission is $1,800 per loan – you are losing $9,000 every month or $108,000 every year in lost revenue.

Most mortgage and real estate professionals look at their monthly closed loan volume backwards. They look at what they closed rather than what they lost. When you look at your closed volume from a capacity point of view, then you begin to identify and focus on opportunities available to shrink the Capacity Gap.

The obvious next big question is: Where will you find those additional transactions to meet your maximum capacity?

First - identify your current referral sources:

Past Clients - this is huge in the current market because rates are so low; but will you be able to pull 5 new loans consistently every month from past clients once rates start to rise again or you successfully refinanced all of your past clients?

Real Estate Agents - always a great source for your purchase business; however, the real estate purchase market is cyclical and many agents are still elusive with having their own lender, etc.

What are your other options?

Should you consider diversifying your mortgage referral sources into another strong referral market? The answer is Of Course! - you should always look for new avenues to create strong and consistent mortgage and real estate referrals - especially when you are not at your maximum capacity.

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